Katrina Johnston

Sales Professional

Katrina has years of experience in the banking industry, blitzed her first year in real estate and has become a solid performer who cares about her clients and ensures they get the absolute highest price possible. Her professionalism and kindness mask her dogged determination to achieve results and consequently she has collected a raft of happy clients who are busy reccommending her to friends and family.

More than a Real Estate Agent, Katrina is mum to 4 beautiful children, runs a small farm and volunteers as much of her time as she can to community events and organisations including her favourite group, the school P&F.

Katrina will impress you and unlike other agents, commonly has sale dollar amounts that end in $1,500 or $500 proving she value's every extra dollar for her clients. She loves Parkes, loves life and loves real estate having owned 4 properties by the age of 25 and being one of the youngest bank managers in the industry.